What Consequence is Man?

Ever since it happened to you, you’re sure your going mad. Sure it was bad. What was worse hospital, the “accident” or what happened with your friends and family? Damn hard to tell. You’re still trying to come to terms. It shouldn’t have happened to you. But it did. You know these things happen but they happen to other people, not to you. Youre better than this. More… worthy?… more normal?…more …special?… more something, anyway. Why Me? You scream it to the night. It whispers back “Not long now. We are coming. Stay still child. Shhhh. Your time is nigh”. But surely you’re imagining that. You’d have to be…
Its left its mark on you and now you think that you …know things…see things… hear things. The world has these “Others” in it. No not monsters…oh it apparently has those too. The cop with the bad case of Alien movie makeup. The lady with no skin and someones face stapled on. The mother trailing a bloody sack still attached by an umbilical cord. No one else seems to notice or cares to notice. There are things which sit and wait on building ledges and cry black oil. The…uhhhmm…ghosts which drift like clouds of memory.

So far they haven’t seemed to noticed you, as you watch, horrified. Must be just seeing things. Must be. Losing your mind. The monsters are nothing on the places. Towers, rope bridges – well you hope they are “rope”, even though you think they aren’t. These strange inconceivable things are all over, even though you know that’s impossible. More likely you’ve snapped.

Then you met the other “case” from your ward. Wanted to meet, said it was part of all the therapy. Turns out you have more than a few things in common. Now a few of you are all together, you have decided to do something about “it”.

So after talking you all decided to start by making it right with that whack-job priest. Yeah that one who walked the wards back at the hospital …yeah that’s the one, the priest who so often found the folks dead… or made them so himself.

So you’re going to do it right, make things right and take him the F down
At its heart this is a psychological horror story. One about people and the world around them. Do you really see these things or are you really all just mad because of what’s happened to you and your family.

What Consequence is Man?

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